Omnipotent Sperm

Omnipotent Sperm
We are non-denominational. While there is only One True Being to whom we completely submit mind, life and, especially, bodies -- Omnipotent Sperm -- we know all faiths and non-faiths inseminate our Celebration, and we thrill at this co-mingling. we passively receive these impregnating concepts, so we may bear the inheritors of this coming revelation. The purpose of wombMan is to fill with the Juice of Life; He penetrates us and dominates us, with His awesome power. we must be worthy of Him.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Veil His body!

The color is much darker than shown. i selected this design for its modesty; it has little decoration. i don't want to attract undo attention. The purpose of the burqa is to be unattractive to men whose Omnipotent Sperm is not for this body of His. 

i also selected it for its price; it's one of the least-expensive on the internets and i, a perverted wombMan, have no right to vanity, pride or displays of attractiveness. The only reason a wombMan should be decorative is to display the wealth of the Man's Omnipotent Sperm by whom she is owned. i deserve no Man, so am punished with poverty, which i very much deserve. No Man would purchase anything better for me, nor should one. i deserve my degradation.

It's made of cheap polyester, which is an extra bonus, because polyester does not "breathe." Therefore, on hot days, i am very uncomfortable. i consider this atonement for the many years i abused His body with unproductive perversions. i actively sought sexual gratification, with both wombMen and Men, never considering the foolish risks i took with His body. i am ashamed to admit i used contraception with Men, rejecting Him and wasting His essence, never understanding my only purpose for living is as His property and bearer of His progeny, His vessel and His body. i caused Men to waste precious Juices of Life in orifices, with hands and other objects never designed as His vessel. i refused to be owned by Him in the sacred submission of marriage: the only institution that guarantees His inheritance and dominance over my otherwise worthless life.

The burqa is very convenient, as it is only one piece of clothing, attached at the crown of the head. i like this arrangement far better than the complications of wimples, scarves, hijabs, veils, shawls, etc. many wombMen wear. Because i am punished, i must perform a lot of physical labor; no Man will do it for me -- nor should one -- and i cannot pay one. i find it easier to wash only one, large piece of clothing, since i have no washing machine, rather than several pieces. i do not have to worry that it will come loose, exposing my shame. i can wear anything, or nothing, under it, so long as every inch of my foul, depraved person is not visible to others, as i have corrupted totally His body and must hide my shame.
Beautiful photo, from a very ugly website.
The burqa is not required of all wombMen, of course. Young, clean, fertile wombMen may wear other outfits, so long as they completely veil, so as not to confuse Men. Omnipotent Sperm yearns to be received. His urge to penetrate and dominate is very strong. Some Men might find themselves, mistakenly, impelled to waste Him, if they see potential vessels on display. This is a natural, biological function in Men. It is our duty as wombMen to protect Men from this impulse.
Perfection of wombMan

We will discuss these concepts, and many more, in much greater detail, in the future. This is the first post in this blog and, therefore, serves as a very imperfect introduction to COST4women, to me and to the concepts discussed here. Please try to be patient, although i realize we wombMen are starved to receive these great truths about our purpose in living.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment sections of each post here. i am absolutely no authority on Men, and cannot, nor should not, for that would be presumptuous, give advice on them.i am also unworthy to speak to Men, so cannot address what they need; i had my chance at fulfillment and i squandered it on perversion. i am too filthy to speak to Men. i am motivated primarily by my own shame and perversion to spread the warning and the word to other wombMen for whom it is not, as it is with me, too late to submit to, and celebrate, Omnipotent Sperm.
Gob bless America